Course Information



    Algebra 1 Part 1 or 2                              Room 224

    Welcome to Algebra 1 part 1 or 2.  Listed below is information relative to this class.  You must be prepared for class every day.  We are looking forward to a great year.


    Graphing calculator: TI -84 plus or TI-84 Silver Plus, Pencils (no pens):  ***No work will be accepted in pen.

    There are graphing calculators you can use in class, but you cannot take them home.

    Grading Policy


    Point system:   = Grade  

     **All assignments are due on the due date.  No late work will be accepted.  Any test not completed during the testing time will be a zero in the grade book until completed.  There is a 1 week time limit to complete or make up a test.  After that time limit the test will remain a zero.  Check the white board in class for your name on the missing test board.

    Weekly Review assignment

    A Weekly review assignment is handout out every Monday.  The Weekly Review assignment must be completed by the following Monday at class time.  Corrections can be made to the assignment if the Weekly Review assignment is handed in, checked for correctness and returned prior to the due date.  No late assignments accepted.



    Students- If you have any questions or concerns please see Mrs. Iannello or Mrs. Bates as soon as possible.  You can email us at the email listed at the top of the page.

    Parents- Please email us with any questions or concernsWe try our best to return all emails within 24 hours.                                                

    Test Corrections

     Test corrections are optional for every test.  Test corrections must be completed on the test correction forms, showing all work, and signed by a parent.  Each completed test has a test correction due date listed at the top of the test page.  Test corrections must be turned in by that date.  No test corrections will be accepted after that date.  Each test correction problem that is correctly answered with work shown will receive ½ credits. Staple original test to the back of the test correction forms.

    Missed Work

    It is the student’s responsibility to inquire about missed work.  All missed work is placed in the students folder and is to be completed according to the following formula: 

    # Of days absent + 1 day= make up work due date. ** No make-up work will be accepted after that calculated date

    Cell Phones



    Cell phones are only permitted in class to take a picture of the homework on the board or to write down the assignment at the beginning of class.  Cell phones that are out at any other time during the class period will be taken and sent to the office for parental pick up.

    Place your phone in the charging station        You must have your own charging cord.  You cannot borrow a charging cord.

    Weekly Schedule

    For 5 day week


    Notes and Homework

    Weekly Review Assignment given

    Previous weekly assignment due.


    Notes and Homework

    10 word Vocabulary quiz


    Notes and Homework


    Practice problems and review for Friday test

    Study for Friday’s test. Finish practice problems


    Quiz on the week’s lesson(s)


    Finish weekly assignment


    There are no retests given in this class.


    All homework is listed daily on the front board.  Write it down or take a picture of it.  No late homework is accepted unless discussed and approved with Mrs. Bates or Mrs. Iannello according to school and classroom policy.  Homework is listed on D2L.


    D2L on the Web


    If you lose your weekly packet, the packets are available for you to print off of my D2L page.  We will not be handing out extra packets. Homework is on D2L.

    After School Help


    After school help is available by contacting Mrs. Bates or Mrs. Iannello.