Instructional Support is a process to maximize student success. Instructional Support is a positive, success-oriented program which uses specific assessment and intervention techniques to help remove educational or behavioral stumbling blocks for all students in the regular classroom. The process consists of a team working together to identify the student’s needs, set goals, and develop an intervention plan to achieve those goals. The Instructional Support Teacher, administrators, faculty, and parents are all members of the Instructional Support Team.

    The Instructional Support Teacher provides support to parents, teachers, and students. Once a formal “Request for Instructional Support Team Collaboration” has been made, the Instructional Support teacher works with the referring teacher, family, and student to implement the process.

    The Instructional Support process includes:

    •Data collection and maintenance of records
    •Perform classroom observations
    •Conduct interviews with parents, teachers, and students
    •Establish meeting schedules
    •Monitor the intervention plan
    •Coordinate efforts of teachers, parents, and outside agencies
    •Coordinate referrals for available services

    What Are the Benefits of Instructional Support?

    •Identifies students in need of academic, emotional and/or behavioral support.
    •Provides initial and timely assistance to teachers, students, and parents.
    •Uses a team approach that always encourages parent participation.
    •Implements strategies to assist students.
    •Monitors the progress of the student.