• Second Grade Homework

    Every day, your child will bring home his/her BEE (Bring Everything Everyday) Binder. The binder will become our method of communication and will contain everything your child needs for homework.

    Your child's written homework should take no more than 20 minutes a night. In addition to the written work, your child should read for 15-20 minutes each night. Please try to be consistent in your child's homework practices and routines. If at any time homework becomes overly stressful and difficult for your child, please inform me and we can make adjustments.

    I check ALL homework on Fridays and reading logs once a month. Math and word study assignments need to be completed by FRIDAY (or the last day of the week). The homework for 2nd grade is a review of the week’s math work, word study, and building your child’s reading stamina. I check the planner daily for parent’s signatures to assure that you have seen any notes I may have sent home and to see if you sent me a note.

    Daily Homework Guidelines

    Everyday Math Home Link Page : 5-10 minutes

    On most nights, your child will complete the EDM Home Link Page based on that day’s lesson. The Home Link book will stay in your child's BEE binder. The assignment will be written in your child's planner. You can assist your child, when needed, and return the binder the next day. 


    Word Study :10 minutes-- 2x/week

    Twice a week, your child will have a word study assignment to complete with their weekly sort. A 2-sided paper assignment sheet will be sent home with directions. Return both sides completed on Friday.

    Day 1: CSEW--Cut out the sort, Sort and read the words, Explain the discovery and Write the sort.

    Day 2: Blind sort--An adult reads the words as your child writes them in the correct columns.

    Reading : 15-20 minutes

    Reading each night is an important part of your child's homework.  Your child can bring home books from our classroom library or read books from home that are at a comfortable reading level. Please monitor your child's reading.

    *Please have a sharpened pencil, eraser, crayons, scissors and a glue stick available for your child at homework time.*