• An Elementary Counselor helps children be successful in school by:

    • Helping children develop self-confidence.
    • Helping children develop social skills.
    • Helping children learn problem solving skills.
    • Helping children feel safe in a friendly, nurturing environment.
    • Being an accepting, helpful person to whom children can turn.

    An Elementary Counselor helps school staff by:

    • Working with the instructional Support Team.
    • Providing a longitudinal view of each child.
    • Being a resource through the consultative process.
    • Providing resource materials.
    • Being a liaison between home and school.

    An Elementary Counselor helps parents by:

    • Counseling with parents.
    • Advising parents of strategies for school support.
    • Providing resource materials.
    • Helping parents understand developmental growth of children.

    How does the Elementary Counselor Help?

    • By conducting guidance class visits.
    • By working with the Instructional Support Team.
    • By providing individual and small group counseling.
    • By fostering informal contacts.
    • By consulting with resource people.
    • By maintaining school records.

    Some of the services that I provide for students and their families include:

    Classroom guidance lessons

    Small group guidance

    Individual counseling

    Student Assessment

    Student Observation

    Lunch Bunches

    Student Council Coordinator

    Norco Cats Coordinator

    Coordinator for various resources for needy families

    Providing community mental health resources for parents

     Resources for Needy Families:

    Operation Backpack

    Coventry Food Pantry

    The Pottstown Cluster

    Lions Club- Christmas and Easter Meals

    Secret Santa Gifts for Children for the Holidays


    Mental Health Services in the Community:

    Creative Health Community Liason

    Devereux Services

    Child Guidance Counseling Services

    Please contact me if you are interested in any of these resources at sgrashof@ojrsd.com or 610-469-5184.

    Suzanne Grashof

    School Counselor

    North Coventry Elementary School