Oh, the Places You'll Go
    With Technology
    Oh, the places you'll go
    And the things that you'll do
    Are different for each, so our computers ask you
    To use your best lab manners, and what that means
    Is to handle technology carefully and clean-
    Without pounding, or snacking, or yanking or yelling
    And be studious students of science, math and spelling!
    So . . . remember your lab manners, ones that are good
    Then your lab can go anywhere you think that it could!
    Exploring Technology offers students the opportunity to investigate all aspects of the computer.  This dynamic and challenging computer applications course is geared to prepare students for the constant changes taking place in the technology world.  Students will examine the history and basic operations of a computer as well as apply their knowledge of Microsoft programs to real world applications.  As students gain knowledge and personal experiences with the use of various software programs and web 2.0 tools, they will develop skills essential for success and build a foundation enabling them to become productive both in and out of the classroom.
    Exploring Technology is a student-centered and hands-on course.  It encourages critical thinking skills and promotes character growth in human relations, good work habits, positive attitudes, and ethical standards.  Upon completion of the course, students are expected to:
    • demonstrate appropriate keyboarding skills and techniques.
    • effectively apply advanced formatting techniques in various Microsoft Office programs.
    • practice safe, ethical, and legal use of technology systems and digital content.
    • explore emerging online software features.
    • write, film, and produce a short video.