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  • Gifted Information Annual GIEP Meetings
    Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP) meetings will be held annually for each ATP student.  During these meetings, we will discuss your child's academic growth, strengths, and goal progress.  Annual GIEP goals will be selected for each student based on student performance, as well as parent, student, and teacher input. 
    Please remember that Chapter 16 of PA Education Code mandates that GIEP goals must be based upon student strengths instead of "weaknesses."  The purpose of a GIEP is to ensure that the student is continuing to grow in his/her demonstrated areas of academic strength above and beyond OJR's general education programming. A GIEP will guide both the general education teachers and the gifted support teacher in designing differentiated instruction based on your child's areas of expertise.  It will also outline a plan for growth and excellence that your student will work to achieve.
    In the past, all GIEP meetings were held in the fall of each year.  Beginning in the spring of 2014, Owen J. Roberts has decided to gradually move these meetings out of the month of September so that each student and his/her general education teacher can hit the ground running at the beginning of each year.  If your child's GIEP meeting was held in May or June of last school year, we will not need to hold another annual GIEP until the spring.  The remaining students will have a GIEP meeting in September 2014, as well as in the spring of 2015, in order to complete this transition. 
    You will receive an email regarding the date and time of your child's scheduled GIEP meeting, as well as a printed invitation to the meeting, about ten days prior to the meeting.  Please make sure to sign and return this form in the manilla envelope marked "Return to Miss Mitton."

    Parent GIEP Input
    As the parent of a gifted student, you have a valuable perspective on your child's strengths and interests.  Your input will be included in the Present Levels of Educational Performance (PLEP) section of the GIEP.  Please make sure to complete the Parent Input Survey at least one week prior to the scheduled GIEP meeting.  If you don't see the input form below, you can also access it here.

  • You Know Your Child is Gifted When...
    Free Gifted Parent Resource
    Gifted children have so many unique talents and strengths.  It's really fun to watch their brains work and see how they tackle a variety of challenges.  They bring lots of joy to all who work with them. 
    But, gifted children also have unique needs.  They can struggle with perfectionism and motivation.  They can be emotionally intense. 
    Parenting a gifted child takes patience and a thoughtful approach.  Check out the resource below to learn all about how you can encourage your gifted child to be socially, emotionally, and academically healthy both at school and at home.