Below you will find a description of homework expectations.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification.  Please remember, homework should not be a time of frustration.  If your child is having trouble with the level of difficulty, please contact me so we can find a solution. 
  • Reading


    Students should read for at least 10-20 minutes each night (document on the reading log calendar located in your child’s binder).  This includes reading poetry, children’s books, magazines, etc. Listening to reading also counts.  When reading independently, the reading material your child chooses should be on his/her independent reading level.  This means he/she should be able to read the material fluently and accurately, without your help.  If your child is struggling, have him/her stop reading and choose something else.  Students will be able to take books from school  to read at home.  Please make sure they are cared for and returned each day. 
  • Sight Words

    Sight-Words (Snap Words):

    Your child will receive sight word cards to use at home and school to practice words that are used frequently in text that he/she can’t read automatically.  The goal is to practice the words enough times so that they become recognizable based on sight, which helps improve reading text.  As an extension, you can have your child use the word in a sentence, write the word in a sentence and/or practice spelling the word.  Many sight words are tricky to spell because they aren't spelled the way the letters sound.
  • Math
    Math Home Links:
    Nightly Home Link assignments are documented on the Home Link calendar located in your child’s binder. Please make sure your child completes the assignment each night.  This assignment is a follow-up to what we are learning in class.  If your child seems to be struggling or getting frustrated/confused, please have him/her stop and write a note on his/her homework page.  I will follow-up with your child the next day when I check over their work.