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  • Grades 3-6 
    no current assignments 
    4th Grade Health:
    Beaver-no current assignments  
    Tedesco-no current assignments
    5th Grade Health:
    Bell-no current outside assignments
    Pringle-no current outside assignment
    6th Grade Health:
    Cimo-no current outside assignments
    Colfer-no current outside assignments

Class Assignments

  • Grades 1-6 PE:

    We are working on Crossfit Kids.  A curriculum designed especially for younger children based on the Crossfit Workout methodology.  Students will be presented with a WOD (Workout of the Day) as they enter the gym.  After a warm-up and lesson review, the students will travel through the WOD in either a timed manner or at their own pace.  This is an intensive training method and will definitely provide the students with a memorable workout.  All WOD stations can be used as taught or in a modified method at home.  Ask your kids about their experiences.

    Grade 4 Health
    We will begin our first health unit on nutrition starting in November.  This will continue through the end of January.
    Grade 5 Health
    We will be starting our drug, alcohol and tobacco avoidance unit beginning in November.  Students will have a visit from the TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use) the second week of December and participate in an all-elementary poster contest which is designed to provide the students with the opportunity to create anti-tobacco posters and also to present them to the class in a group presentation.
    Grade 6 Health
    We will be starting an anti-bullying unit the in November.  This unit will also include cyber bullying and the dangers of using cell phones as a form of bullying.  Also, appropriate use of the internet and cell phone/phone apps will be discussed.