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    On Monday, March 2, 2015, at the Public Buildings and Grounds Committee Meeting,
    Marotta/Main Architects shared schematic designs for the proposed East Vincent
    Elementary School construction. The vision for the new building is that the structure
    will relate to Chester County and the community.
    front elevation

    A new 85,800 SF elementary school is proposed. The building will be constructed at the far west portion of the site behind the existing school. Students will remain in the existing building until the new is constructed, upon which the existing will be demolished.

    The new school is sited to have 3 wings, the main administration wing will run parallel to Ridge Road with the Main Office and Media Center and Computer Classroom housed on the first floor. To the south is a classroom wing housing Pre-School, Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade classrooms on the first floor and 5th Grade and 6th Grade Classrooms on the second floor. On the second floor of the administrative wing, 3rd Grade and 4th Grade Classrooms will be located. The north wing will house the Cafeteria, Stage, Gymnasium, Music, Art, Health and Guidance. An entry to serve before and after school care as well as to create a secure and separate entry for community use is sited between the admin and north wings. Between the admin and south wings, a secure entry is designed requiring all visitors to the building during school hours to be buzzed in and registered in the main office.

    The school will be constructed as a non-combustible structure with steel frame and masonry shell. The school will be fully sprinklered with efficient HVAC systems running off gas fuel which was run to the site in 2014. The school will continue to have well water and connection to the municipal sanitary sewer system. New play areas will be developed outside of the gymnasium and cafeteria for grades 1st through 6th. A separate play area will be planned for Kindergarten. A reading court is planned outside the Media Center and will be able to be accessed from both the Media Center and Art Classroom.

    The school will have 1 Pre-School classroom, 2 Kindergarten classrooms, and 4 classrooms per grade for 1st through 6th grades, 3 Special Education classrooms, as well as a Science Lab, and small group instruction spaces to support reading, speech, math, as well as ESL, OT/PT, gifted and others.

    The vehicular circulation will provide a division of parent drop-off and pick-up from the bus lane. Faculty and visitor parking will be located along the east and south faces of the school.The building will be designed to meet current codes relating to the American  Disabilities Act, Life Safety and Energy Efficiency.