Originally constructed in 1962, the East Coventry Elementary School was last updated in 1991, reflecting the educational needs and priorities of the early 1990’s. Originally constructed in 1953, the East Vincent Elementary School was last updated in 1989, reflecting the educational needs and priorities of the 1980’s.
    Today’s Educational Programming requires both large group and small group instructional support spaces. East Vincent is currently using standard classrooms to satisfy the needs of the additional programming. The result has created overcrowding in some areas and under-utilization of space in others.
    As both Federal and State education mandates have been set into place, the physical requirements on the school environment has pushed programs into spaces that were not intended for educational use, including the use of storage rooms. In turn, the storage of equipment, materials, supplies, student lunches and instruments have all moved into corridor alcoves.
    With the construction of East Vincent Elementary well ahead of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, compliance has been made as much as possible, but is limited by existing conditions.
    Even with the excellent care given to the school, the building’s roof has reached an end of its life cycle and must be replaced. In addition, the facility requires the installation of a sprinkler system, replacement of the heating system, installation of cooling and fresh air systems, improvement of the thermal envelope, upgrades to the electrical, security and communication systems, creation of secure entry, separation of shared community and educational spaces, improved separation of parent and bus drop-off and pick-up zones, inclusion of small group instruction space to provide proper environments for support programs, science lab for the 6th grade program, separate cafeteria and gymnasium for improved program use, increased storage.
    Replacement of East Vincent and East Coventry will provide equality in educational program, code compliance and building systems in each of the District’s buildings.
    The largest area of growth in the School District remains in the East Vincent and East Coventry attendance areas. Both of these buildings are at full capacity.