• PE Make-ups

    Students who are unprepared for class or miss class due to an absence have two opportunities to make classes up. They can either swimming during our team time make-ups which run during the school day or after school in the fitness room.
    After school sessions: run from 2:20-3:50, three times per marking period, and each session offers the chance to make up three missed classes. Please refer to our policies as to what classes need to be made up. Skyward is a great place to see if a make-up is necessary, if a "0" appears as the grade for the day, then a make-up is necessary.  

    Here's how it works: Each 1/2 hour block counts as one made-up class. If a student only needs to make up one class, he/she can stay after from 2:20-2:50 and be done for the day, if they need two make-ups, 2:20-3:20, and three would mean they would stay from 2:20-3:50.

    If students are leaving before 3:50, a parent or guardian must pick them up. Please enter the school through the main doors and inform the office you are there to pick up your child. The office will contact the teacher running the make-up and the student will be dismissed.  All students must be accounted for and will not be permitted to wander the building unsupervised. If a student has another activity to attend (sports practice, band, etc.), they may go directly there after a make-up.
    Team-Time Make-ups: Students may also inquire about make-ups during "Team Time" during the school day.  Team time make-ups will be on Tuesday's or Thursday's starting Oct. 8th. If interested, students must seek out their teacher before 7:25am on the day they would like to make-up a class to obtain a pass.
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