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    Life in Room 218 is somewhat different from life in the general education classroom.  Because each student's GIEP is written for his/her individual academic strengths, assignments are differentiated to meet his/her GIEP goals.  We want all East Vincent ATP students growing to the best of their ability.  This means that each student will have different assignments, projects, and due dates.  There are a few common assignments, however.  Look below for common resources that might apply to your assignments.


    Challenge Math
    If you have a Challenge Math goal, you can download the required Challenge Math Work Packet and follow this link to access your assignments.  Please remember to show your work, select the problem-solving strategy you used, and mark whether or not you correctly solved each problem.  General grade level due dates for Challenge Math are found above, although these will vary from time-to-time due to special school activities.  Remember to use your planner to record when each specific assignment is due so that you're not stressing about forgotten assignments later.
    Don't forget: your username and password for Challenge Math are the same as your OJRSD username and password.

    Google Classroom Google Drive
    Students in the intermediate grades can also log in to Google Classroom to access project resources, due dates, and other class information.  You can also log in to Google Drive to access your Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drawings, and more.  The password for both accounts is the same.
    Your Username: normalOJRSDusername@ojrsd.net
    Example: 20jdoe + @ojrsd.net = 20jdoe@ojrsd.net  --> 20jdoe@ojrsd.net is the username
    Your Password: Your 6-­‐digit Student ID number PLUS your first initial and last initial in CAPITAL LETTERS)
    Example: 123456JD 

    Some students will use ConnectED for Everyday Math as part of their math enrichment.  If you do, remember that your username is the same as your OJRSD username and your password is your 6-digit code with your first and last initials in CAPS at the end.  You can also access above-grade-level EDM games through your ConnectED account!
    EM Games Online
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