Science Research Project


      East Vincent Science Fair

      Wednesday, January 11, 2017

       (snow date Thursday, January 12)

    • My project is approved…now what do I do?

      • Research information about your project and any related topics that will help you make an informed hypothesis.
      • What is a hypothesis – a prediction as to what you think the outcome of your experiment will be – usually written as an “if...then…because” statement.
      • Write a bibliography of sources used.
      • Determine what you need to control during the experiment and what will be changing – these are the variables.
      • Write a list of materials that you need for your experiment.
      • Write a detailed procedure for how to perform your experiment.

      Complete official science fair forms.

                 Form 1 – Checklist for Adult Sponsor

               Form 1A – Student Checklist

               Form 1B – Approval Form  (complete item #1 only)

      • A copy of your Research Plan must be included with your official forms.


      Research Plan must include:

        • Question you are investigating
        • Hypothesis
        • Materials List
        • Procedure
        • Bibliography - you can use this website to help write your bibliography

      Place return completed forms to Mrs. Barlow or Mrs. Kraft.




      Official Forms

      1- Checklist for Adult Sponsor

      1A. Student Checklist

      1B. Approval Form



      Special forms may be needed depending on thet type of project. 

      Risk Assessment

      Human Participants

      Sample Informed Consent


      Here’s a great site to make graphs and charts of the data you collect