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    East Vincent Elementary's THIRD annual

    Wildcat Prowl-A-Thon

    The Prowl-A-Thon is a great way for our students to get moving and have fun while raising money for school resources and activities throughout the year. This annual event raises money for programs and technology upgrades while promoting student fitness. Our goal is to raise $20,000 and we need your help!

    The Prowl-A-Thon will be held Friday, November 15th during normal school hours.

    Why a walkathon?

    Why not? It's a fun school-wide event for everyone! 100% of the students and faculty work together to raise funds that will 100% benefit these same students and faculty throughout the school year!

    How does it work?

    The process is three-fold:

    1. Before the event, our Prowl-A-Thon committee of volunteers are working to solicit corporate sponsorships from the local community. Sponsors will receive recognition in our communications throughout the school year.
    2. Before the event, students will ask family and friends for support and will submit all donations to the Prowl-A-Thon committee of volunteers. Monetary donations can be given to students in the form of cash or check. On-line donations are accepted on our PTA website thru PayPal.
    3. We will “Prowl” thru campus on November 15 showing our school pride and celebrating our success in raising money for our school!

    Please note:

    Sponsorships/donations are not based on the number of laps or minutes walked. A sponsor is anyone who donates money for students to participate in the event.

    We do not wish for students to solicit donations door-to-door – at least not without an adult present!

    Students will encourage donors to use their employers matching gift program to double the donation.


    Prizes are often donated by local businesses and many of them encourage our students to get moving and have fun! Every student who participates in the Prowl-A-Thon has an opportunity to win a prize. Additional opportunities are given to those students who raise money to support the event.

    Can we count on your support?