• Please do NOT bring your completed Case File on the first day of class.
    • We will be reviewing requirements in the first couple of days of school, and then you will have about a week to put the finishing touches on your project after that.
    • I anticipate the project due date will be WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5.
    • Once we finish reviewing the directions, you are free to hand your project in early.
    • Anyone who hands a project in early will have an opportunity to make revisions if there are any glaring errors that have a major impact on your score. Projects submitted on or after the due date cannot be revised.
    • If you hand in your project early without any glaring errors, then you will earn two points extra credit.
    • If your project is late, two points will be deducted from your final grade, and there will be a zero in Skyward until you turn in your project. You will have one week to submit your work. After that, the zero that will be in Skyward becomes permanent.
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    • Several pencils that you bring to class with you every day. If you prefer mechanical pencils, then consider bringing extra lead (and double-check to make sure it's the right size before you buy it).
    • Highlighters of various colors
    • Erasers
    • Pens of various colors
    • Post-its
    • Ear buds/headphones
    • Notebook options:
      • Spiral notebook for ELA only with pockets for handouts
      • Binder for ELA only with notebook paper
      • Section in large binder for multiple classes that is dedicated ONLY to ELA and contains notebook paper (This is not recommended if you have a tendency to just throw your stuff into your binder without regard to where you are putting it)
    • Other items that are appreciated as donations (but certainly not required): Tissues, hand sanitizer, cap erasers, old pencils that you have at home that no one is using (so we can use them as extras if someone loses theirs), plastic zipper bags of various sizes
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