• Welcome to 7th grade Language Arts.  Students will be provided with detailed information about what they will need for class during the first week of school and I will speak to parents directly at Back to School night.  However, if you are doing pre-school shopping, the following supplies are helpful. For the most up to date information please always see your student's Google Classroom page.


    1.) 1-2 inch Binder that can be used for LA only.  Large 5 class binders will not be permitted this year.  Target examples

    2.) 5 Dividers- These will be used to separate core aspects of class information.  Target examples 

    3.) Pencils/Pens- #2 Ticonderoga pencils will sharpen using the school sharpeners.  If purchasing pens, please make them a dark color (blue, black, or green).

    4.) Headphones- that can be plugged in to a laptop. Cordless Apple headbuds will not work.

    5.) Book- something that can be read during silent reading.


    Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!