• August 26, 2018

    East Vincent Elementary School News


    Welcome Back, East Vincent Elementary School Families,


    We hope you had a summer filled with fun, family, friends, sunshine, and relaxation. Tomorrow, we welcome 610 students to EV for the start of a successful year.



    If you follow us on social media, you may have noticed our updates about the official roll-out of our School-Wide Positive Behavior System (SWPBS) and Responsive Classroom. Our matrix includes the expectation Go CATS! for all East Vincent environments.


    As a school community, we shall use positive language to teach and reinforce behavioral expectations. For week one, we’ll start with the teaching and reteaching of “Stay Safe.” Subsequent weeks will include explicit modeling and teaching of “Take Responsibility,” “Act Respectfully,” and “Choose Kindness.”

    Go CATS


    Each day, we start with a classroom meeting that uses the Responsive Classroom approach. The basis of Responsive Classroom includes creating a safe, caring community of learners who are ready to learn. One of the components of Responsive Classroom is the morning meeting, which includes a greeting, message, sharing, and activity. All staff and students will participate in the daily classroom meeting.

    What about consequences for students who do not meet the expectations of the SWPBS matrix? We will continue to respond to student behaviors using ourElementary Student Handbook. All staff have plans for responses for minor behaviors in each of our learning environments. Our crisis response team has plans for major behaviors. Students who demonstrate repeated unexpected behaviors will receive Tiers 2 or 3 behavior interventions similar to how we intervene for students who have academic needs. We added more faculty and staff to our lunch and recess duties to actively supervise our students.

    Stay tuned for more SWPBS and Responsive Classroom news each week.



    You will notice that we have a bright yellow curb at EV now. Please note that for AM car arrival, cars should pull all the way to the cone/start of the yellow line. Students should exit on the sidewalk side safely and quickly.


    For mid-day kindergarten arrival and dismissal and PM car riders, cars should pull all the way up to the start of the yellow line where the curb curves in front of our main entrance. Students may load cars from the sidewalk safely and quickly along the yellow curbing only.



    Cars may not pass other cars on the left side for the safety of our students, staff, and families. Thank you for understanding!



    • The Kindergarten Back to School Night is set for Tuesday, August 28 from 6:00-8:00 PM. The evening will begin in the kindergarten classrooms. See an e-mail from your child’s kindergarten teacher.
    • The Back to School Night for grades 1-3 is Wednesday, September 5 from 6:30-8:30 PM beginning in the gym.
    • The Back to School Night for grades 4-6 is Wednesday, September 12 from 6:30-8:30 PM beginning in the gym.
    • All Back to School Nights will feature a “Club Fair” with information about membership in EV and community clubs, activities, and organizations. The fairs will be hosted in the Innovation Center and area nearby.



    The first day for students is TOMORROW! School begins at 8:30 AM and dismissal begins at 3:05 PM. AM Kindergarten dismisses at 11:15 AM while PM kindergarten begins at 12:15 PM.

    Please plan on bus times varying the first two weeks of school as drivers become accustomed to their new routes. It is possible that AM and PM bus times may vary up to 10 minutes from the published times. Therefore, please have your child at the bus stop at least 10 minutes for the first week or two of school.



    Students are expected to attend school on a daily basis. If your child is ill, please call our attendance hotline at (610) 469-5688. This is an automated attendance-only telephone line, so it is accessible 24hours a day. The number is posted on the EV webpage for future reference. Some families find it helpful to add the number to their cell phone contact list. If you forget to call the attendance line, the school will be contacting you to verify your child's absence. If we are unable to reach a parent/guardian or there is no note sent to school within 3 school days after the absence, the day will be recorded as unlawful.



    We understand that life sometimes happens and occasionally it is unavoidable to get your child to school by the start of the school day. However, habitual lateness not only impacts attendance, but it impacts your child's academic success. Children arriving habitually late tend to struggle to get themselves organized and settle in to routines of the day. IMPORTANT - Cumulative lateness will be counted as illegal absences and subject to the district's attendance policies including summary citations. Students who arrive late must be accompanied by an adult and check-in to the main office.



    Starting this school year, families will have an option to electronically make payments for not only meal accounts, but items like field trips and other school related activities. Families will still have the option to pay with check or cash. However, this easy-to-use system will help our families streamline payments with a few keystrokes. Stay tuned for further information.



    In accordance with the district’s Wellness Policy, all the elementary schools have updated our approach regarding parties and celebrations.

    Due to the many students with allergies and food reactions we are requesting that all birthday recognitions be non-food based. No birthday food treats should be sent to school. We do want to acknowledge student birthdays but encourage parents to do so with small treats such as pencils, stickers or the donation of a book to the school or classroom library in honor of your child’s birthday. Food items will not be delivered to the classroom.



    The 5-day rotation for the month of August is below. Each day, students have a special that falls on one of the days. Your child's teacher will be sharing the special areas that fall on the particular days so you can plan on how to dress your child for the appropriate schedule. On days that your child has gym/physical education class, please send your child to school with sneakers and play clothes.

    August 27 - Day 1

    August 28 - Day 2

    August 29 - Day 3

    August 30 - Day 4

    (No School on August 31st)

    September 4 – Day 5



    If you received an updated dental form or physical form this summer for your child, please forward a copy to our school nurse, Mrs. DePaul adepaul@ojrsd.com. As a reminder, district policy prohibits children from carrying prescription medication to school. Any prescription medications will need to be in their original bottle with the child’s name on the outside and dropped off by a parent. If you have questions, please call Mrs. DePaul at 610-469-5186.



    The EV lunch/breakfast menus for August and September are found at https://ojrsd.nutrislice.com/menu.



    At EV, classroom snacks are not to contain any nut products in some classrooms. Please refer to the packaging on the snacks to verify that there are no nut additives or that the snack was manufactured in a facility that produces nut products. Since we do offer a controlled environment in the cafeteria, students are able to have nut products in their packed lunch. If your child brings his or her lunch to school, it is advised to send the snack in a separate clearly marked bag. I am attaching a resource many families have found helpful in their decisions about nut free (and other allergen) snacks: SNACK LIST 



    Summer Reading: EV Battle of the Books!

    Research shows that students who do not read over the summer experience what is called “summer slide.” This means that they return to school in September two or more reading levels below the level on which they were reading when they left school in June. Please encourage your child to participate in the EV Battle of the Books to avoid the summer slide! You can find the digital documents for EV Battle of the Books here. Students should return all completed work to their new teacher in September, as rewards for various levels of participation will be given. Thank you for your support at home!



    Join our EV staff and many new families as a Parent Teacher Association member. The membership drive runs from now until October 30. 2018_2019 membership form.pdf

    pta 1


    pta 2



    Based on survey feedback in 2017-2018, we shall continue with weekly Skylerts. Skylerts will be sent via e-mail every Saturday. The Skylert will have an added feature of a weekly communicator link from our EV staff by grade level or special area.

    Weekly communicator link: https://www.ojrsd.com/domain/1452.


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