Grading System

    Our grading system is on a continuum based on 2nd Grade Standards.

    A 3 means your child has mastered the 2nd grade skill.

    A 2 means your child understands parts of the skill, but has not mastered it. 

    A 1 means your child does not understand the skill.


    A 4 means your child has mastered the 3 rd  grade skill.  For many skills, a 4 is NOT achievable, as the content is not being taught and is not developmentally appropriate. Enrichment activities are often provided for high-achieving students, but do not necessarily provide mastery of a skill.


    Some activities that you can work on at home to enrich your child’s learning are:

    1. Have your child memorize the spelling for the 300 sight words

    2. Practice Addition and Subtraction Math facts. Have your child write the answers. Oral practice is great, but the children need to have speed in the writing as well.

    3. Read aloud to an adult or older sibling. Monitor your child’s reading for mistakes and help correct them. When young children read silently, they make many mistakes and continue to make them when they are not monitored.

    4. Make your child accountable for their handwriting. It is very important for your child’s work to be able to be read by anyone.


    If you have any other questions, please let me know!