• The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) is an annual assessment administered in commonwealth classrooms in grades 3 through 8, in English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, and Science (grades 4 and 8). Pennsylvania adopted more rigorous PA Core Standards in late 2013 for ELA and Math and the 2015 PSSA marked the first time the assessment was fully-aligned to the new the standards. These new, more rigorous standards aim to better prepare students for the 21st century work force.


    PSSA testing  

    Please note: Students are required to participate in these assessments. Non-school travel requests that will result in student absences will not be approved during these assessment dates. Parental request for exclusion from must any or all sections of the PSSA MUST adhere to the protocol identified on page 19 of the 2019 Pennsylvania System of School Assessment Handbook.  The protocol states:  “If after reviewing the test, parents/guardians find the test to be in conflict with their religious beliefs and wish their student(s) to be excused from the test, the parents/guardians must provide a written request that states the objection to the Superintendent.”

    An opt out requested may be emailed to Dr. Susan T. Lloyd, Superintendent of schools and MUST indicate the date when you reviewed the PSSA  and the administrator with whom you met with you to review the assessment.  Below is a sample email.

    Sample PSSA Opt Out Email