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    Reading: We will start the second “bend” in our nonfiction unit.  I am so proud of how the students are discussing what they are learning from their nonfiction stories. Often they start to discuss without my prompting! We will celebrate all we have done so far as we move into the next bend: “Tackling Super Hard Words in Order to Keep Moving”. We don’t want those tricky words to slow us down or get in our way! We will also practice crashing word parts together to solve the whole word. 

    Phonics: We will make sure we use strong endings when we write words. Also, we will get to know common phonograms that end in blends. Finally, we will work on reading words part by part.

    Writing: We are continuing our Informational Unit. The students have such amazing topics to teach each other! We will work on strategies for spelling the fancy words we want to use. We will be brave enough to try out spelling these words, instead of not using them at all! Also, writing partners will help each other add and subtract information. Writers need readers to point out places that don’t make sense and suggest when more details are needed. Also, we will continue to work on handwriting.

    Math: We are still working on unit 4. This unit is: Length and Addition Facts. During the unit, the students will measure lengths using nonstandard units and work on addition fact fluency. There is an emphasis on students being able to explain (in writing) how they solved a problem. We will continue to practice explaining our mathematical thinking through writing. At home, you can have your child explain exactly what they did to solve a homework problem.

    Social Studies: We will continue learning about historical artifacts as we discuss why things change (advance) over time. 




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    Additional Info/Reminders:
    • 12/9-12/19 Holiday Food Drive
    • 12/13 Spirit Day: Dress like a hippie!
    • 12/18 Spirit Day: Dress for your favorite hobby!
    • 12/20 Class Holiday Party
    • 12/23-1/1 No School

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