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    Reading: We will be learning to check the words we read to make sure that they look right, and make sense. Readers will learn to do a slow check, by sliding our finger underneath.  We will also learn new words as we read, and won't ignore those words! We'll try our best, and ask, "What does this new word mean?

    Phonics: We will learn that as readers we will use phonics knowledge to read even the longest, toughest words by using the word parts we know to look across a whole word beginning to end. We will also use what we know about word parts and spell alllllll the way across a word.   

    Writing: We are continuing our Informational Unit, while self-assessing and setting goals for ourselves.  We will look ahead to see what we can't do...yet, but will by the end of first grade. We'll also take a look at our writing and Edit for spelling, capitals and punctuation.   We will continue to work on handwriting, as well.

    Math: We are still working on unit 4. This unit is: Length and Addition Facts. During the unit, the students will measure lengths using nonstandard units and work on addition fact fluency. We will be looking at how to "make 10", and using that strategy to then be able to add 3 numbers.  We will be having our Unit 4 Assessment next Thursday, December 19th. There continues to b an emphasis on students being able to explain (in writing) how they solved a problem. We will continue to practice explaining our mathematical thinking through writing. At home, you can have your child explain exactly what they did to solve a homework problem.

    Social Studies: We will continue learning about historical artifacts.  Ask your child if they remember what a rotary phone is!  




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    Additional Info/Reminders:
    • 12/9-12/19 Holiday Food Drive- see link below
    • 12/18 Spirit Day: Dress for your favorite hobby!
    • 12/20 Class Holiday Party 1:45-2:45 
    • 12/23-1/1 No School

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