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    Reading: We will be the BOSS of their reading! One of their first jobs is to STOP at the first sign of trouble, and say, "I can do this!".  Readers will use all they know, to solve the word. We will then self-monitor to check the word by asking, "Does that make sense?, Does that look right?, Does is sound right?"

    Phonics: Get those construction hats and tool belts ready, for some word building.  We'll be looking at smaller words and parts, in order to build larger words.  We will also be "digging in" and looking at variuos vowel teams.  Continue to practice those snap words!

    Writing: Next week, our writers will be doing research, to find images and photos to help them say more.  We will also look at puctuating as we go.  Learning that writers use their voices to help teach their readers.  Lastly, we will learn the writers use craft moves, like using pop-out words and speech bubles, to make the informations stand out.

    Math: We will review Unit 5 and have our Assessment on Wednesday and Friday.

    Social Studies: We will continue Historical Figures  and Historical Plances unit.



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    Additional Info/Reminders:
    • 2/11/20- PTO Meeting
    • 2/13/20- Kindness Spirit Day 
    • 2/13/20- Valentine Exchange
    • 2/14/20- No School (Professional Development Day for Teachers)
    • 2/17/20- No School (President's Day)

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