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    Reading: Our Reading Bosses will be thinking about what's happening in the story, to problem solve words.  Then students will learn another tool to use to get the job done!  They will listen carefully as they read to consider what word might come next.  What would sound right?  What kind of word would fit here?  

    Phonics: We finally heard from Rasheed! He sent us a postcard from New York City! He's been visiting a construction site all week.  Our word builders need to be ready to teach him everything they've learned this week about vowel teams.  Ask your child what they will tell him.  Next week we will look at how word builders need tools to help get the job done (vowel chart).  We will also look at how some vowel teams work in special ways.  Instead of a long vowel sound, vowel teams like OU work together to make a new sound.

    Writing: We are starting to "wrap" up our unit on nonfiction.  Our writers have been working extra hard this week trying to finish their teaching books.  Next week we will look at editing our books, using a checklist.  Writers will look at one item at a time, and then look throughout their writing to see that they have done that one thing, and so on.Checklist  

    Math: Next week we will be continuing to learn addition strategies in Unit 6.  We'll look at how near doubles (7+8) can be useful and along with making 10, to add.  We will also have a scavenger hunt to learn how to use our Math Reference Book. You should have seen vol. 1 math journal come home.  We have began vol. 2, which means...half way through the year! Wow!

    Social Studies: We will continue Historical Figures, Artifacts, and Places unit.  



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    Additional Info/Reminders:
    • 2/11/20- PTO Meeting
    • 2/13/20- Kindness Spirit Day 
    • 2/13/20- Valentine Exchange
    • 2/14/20- No School (Professional Development Day for Teachers)
    • 2/17/20- No School (President's Day)
    • 2/22/20- Princess Character Breakfast
    • 3/4 & 3/5- 1/2 day (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

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