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  • NC Read Across America

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    Reading: Next week readers will learn to be flexible in figuring out words.  They will work at trying sounds different ways, in order to figure out a word.  Then readers will be reminded of all the snap (sight) words they know, and that when reading they should be continuous and only stop or slow down when they need to.  This will make their reading smooth.

    Phonics: We will continue working with vowel teams by taking a closer look at (OO).  Like some other vowel teams (OO), can make two different sounds.  We will then review vowel teams, and build news words with these teams.

    Writing: We have completed out nonfiction  unit! WhooHooo!  Our writers have worked so hard on their teaching books!  Look for them hanging in the hallway when you come for your conference.  

    Next week we will begin Unit 3, which is opinion writing.  We will talk about collections of items and learn to write, giving opinions about those collections. Writers will learn that it's important to give more than one reason when judging something.  Lastly, our we will remind ourselves what we do well in order to write a small moment story and a teaching (informational) book.  This will help in working towards writing our opinions.

    **Students will be asked to bring in a small collection of 5 items, by next Wednesday.  Check folders for more information.  Please let me know if you are unable to send items in for your child, so I can provide something for them.

    Math: We will be finishing up Unit 6 next week and having the math assessment, beginning Wednesday.  Please look for a review page to come home.  Please make notes if there are areas of struggle for your child.  

    Social Studies: We continue Historical Figures, and Places unit. This past week we learned about about George Washington, Mount Rushmore, and The White House. 




    OJREF Hoping to Raise Funds by Encouraging Online & Mail Donations on Leap Day

    The Owen J. Roberts Education Foundation (OJREF), through donor’s generosity, is hoping to fund valuable mini-grants to impact the lives of Owen J. Roberts School District (OJRSD) students. To support OJRSD’s mission and vision, the OJREF would like you to take a non-traditional approach to giving by forgoing attending a pricey event and, instead, donating to the Foundation. Donations can be made at www.ojref.org

    Because February 29th comes around only every four years, the OJREF is using this bonus day as a reason to be EXTRA generous. The OJREF will use the generosity to provide mini-grants to the OJRSD community for technology, library materials, musical instruments, innovative educational resources and much more. 

    Donations can be made at www.ojref.org or mailed to OJR Education Foundation, Attn: Non-Event Fundraiser, PO Box 127, St. Peter’s, PA 19470. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at chutcheson@ojref.org.

    The Owen J. Roberts Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3)charity that operates independently from the district and is dedicated to encouraging community-wide participation and philanthropy to support educational innovation and the Mission of the OJRSD.




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    Additional Info/Reminders:
    • 2/22- Princess Character Breakfast
    • 2/29- Leap Day!
    • 3/2-3/6- Read Across America
    • 3/4 & 3/5- 1/2 day (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
    • 3/18- PTO Meeting
    • 3/19- Dress up for Career Day
    • 3/20- Math & Literacy Breakfast Event (Info to come!)

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    Our field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo is on April 28th.  If you are interested in attending, all necessary clearances need to be completed in a timely manner.  Clearances


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