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Elementary Blended Learning


    What kind of device do you recommend? We recommend a device such as an iPad, chromebook or  laptop. While accessible on a phone, we do not recommend your student rely on a phone due to the screen size. 

    What technology specifications do we need? The Accelerate Education Program and Google Classroom operate through a web browser.

    Do I have to remember different passwords and usernames? No. Students will use a single-sign on with your student’s OJR Google account.

    What will teachers use for synchronous/live lessons? Teachers will use Google Meet.

    If I currently have a borrowed chromebook, do we get to keep it? Yes, if your family still has a need and you cannot purchase a personal device, then you will keep the chromebook.

    Will devices be provided for students who attend Elementary OJR Blended Learning Plan? When your child attends in-person two days during the week, he or she will have access to a device. When your child participates online three days during the week, the district is not presently in a position to accept technology requests.  OJR has a limited number of devices available and we need to determine the number of students who will be attending in person as part of the blended learning model.  Furthermore, we also must identify the needs of the larger school community.  For example, families who are experiencing extreme hardship would be a priority.  



    How/When can I sign up for OJR Blended Learning? No registration is required for OJR Blended Learning. Registration is only needed for OJR Cyber Academy.

    Can students move between the Blended Learning Plan and OJR Cyber Academy? If so, when and how often can we make changes? Of course! It is most helpful to switch at natural transition points such as the trimester/quarter change, but we can make accommodations for families who need flexibility.

    How does the homeroom teacher assignment work? Students will be assigned a teacher much like a “normal” school year. They will have the same teacher for all five days. If students move from OJR Cyber Academy to the Blended Plan, they will have a new teacher and classmates at their home elementary school. 

    If school resumes to “normal” during the 2020-2021 school year, what happens to OJR Blended Learning students? They stay with their teacher and their classmates and transition to all in-person learning.

    How will group A and group B be determined? Once it is determined the number of students in the Blended Plan, each school will communicate with its families as to which group the students are in.  Careful consideration will be taken to keep siblings in the same group.

    May I request which days I would prefer my children attend school for in-person instruction? We kindly ask that you refrain from contacting us with requests for specific days. Once assigned, we will do our best to accommodate requests on a case-by-case basis. 



    Will the instruction be synchronous (live) or asynchronous (recorded)? Both

    How will my child receive feedback from his or her teacher on the online assignments? Feedback will be provided through the Accelerate Learning program as well as through teacher-student conferencing. 

    During independent time will kids be monitored or will they need to report back with the teacher? Students will submit work and report back if asked to do so by the teacher.

    How will the teachers evaluate the students, both initially and during the school year? Administration and teacher leaders continue to develop assessment and grading procedures and protocols at this time.

    How will OJR Cyber Academy and OJR Blended Learning Plan maintain a similar pace? Our goal is to keep the same pace for both programs. Curriculum supervisors, Academic Coaches, and teacher leaders are working through the summer months to crosswalk the two teaching and learning options.

    What does instruction look like on Wednesdays? All students are engaged in remote learning. Students will complete independent work or small groups and/or individual conferences on Google Classroom. 

    What kind of physical activity will be included in the school day? Students will have recess daily as weather permits. Teachers will encourage students to engage in brain breaks and other physical activity opportunities, as appropriate.

    Does group B learn the same thing that group A learns? Yes. This approach provides continuity that all students in the Blended Learning Model are being instructed on the same skills and concepts. 


    Does Accelerate Education come with its own lessons or will the teachers be creating the lessons for Accelerate Education? Accelerate Education comes with pre-created lessons, and it has the capability for customization to fit with OJRSD expectations. We plan to use a combination of the two, teacher-created and Acceleration Education provided.

    What school supplies will be needed? Students in grades K-2 will receive an Accelerate Education workbook to complement online instruction. See your elementary school’s class supply list for items that may be needed for the in-person instruction. 

    What exactly is "Accelerate Education"? Information on Accelerate Education can be found on the OJRSD Website



    How would students who have a GIEP receive services? Students would work with the Academically Talented Program (ATP) teacher in a way that best meets the needs of individual students.

    How will the OJR Blended Plan affect my child’s IEP? Students IEP accommodations, goals, and specially designed instructions will be supported in the blended model and the OJR Cyber Academy. 

    If my child receives special education or gifted services and support, how will these be delivered? The individual case manager will work directly with you and your child to develop a plan that supports his or her needs. 

    Who is eligible to be a part of group C? Students who receive special education services or have a 504 agreement will be able to attend school 4 days a week. (Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday) 



    Since "schedule developed for each grade level", what happens to students who take classes from different grade levels (i.e. advanced math)? The schedule design will take into account the needs of students who access intervention, enrichment, and acceleration

    Can my child work at his or her own pace on remote learning days? Yes

    What would a typical day look like for a kindergarten student? The District offers a half-day kindergarten program.  Therefore, a kindergarten student enrolled in OJR Blended Learning Plan would be engaged in learning activities that are designed for a half-day program. 

    What is the first day of school for students who attend the OJR Blended Learning Plan? Tuesday, September 8 

    Would there be Kindergarten AM or PM options? We will still maintain AM and PM sections in the Blended Learning Plan. Please contact your school principal for more information. 

    What time are the synchronous/live class meetings? This could vary depending on the schedule for the day, but there will be a morning meeting and an afternoon meeting.

    Will the teachers be available during independent time? The teachers will be available when your child is at school and on Wednesdays. The teachers may be available when your child is online, but it should be noted that the teacher will be teaching the other group of students assigned to him or her.

    What does staggered arrival and dismissal mean? The length of the students’ elementary school day will not change.  However, each building principal will assess the possibility of allowing students into the school earlier and adjusting dismissal time in order to stagger the number of students and staff moving through the school at the same time. 

    Will my child have lunch and recess? Yes, each child in grades 1-6 will be afforded the opportunity for a daily lunch and a recess.  Each school will follow the protocols in the OJR Health and Safety Plan pertaining to lunch and recess.



    What will the class size be for the OJR Blended Learning Plan? The physical distancing guidelines in the OJR Health and Safety Plan will determine the in-person class size.





    OJR Cyber Academy

    OJR Blended Learning Plan

    Anticipated time on a device

    Up to 3-4.5 daily

    Up tp 3-4 hours daily while virtual at home (including morning meeting and end-of-day meeting)

    Anticipated time working independently

    Up to 2-3.5 hours daily

    Up to 1-2 hours daily (in-class & virtual at home)

    Anticipated time working with a teacher

    Up to 2 - 2.5 hours daily

    Up to 30-50 minutes daily when virtual at home & 4-5 hours daily for in-person learning

    Who delivers instruction?

    OJRSD Teachers and Staff

    OJRSD Teachers and Staff

    What programming will my child follow?

    Accelerate Education with augmented content as needed

    Essential lessons utilizing OJRSD programs such as EDM, Teachers College Reading, Phonics, & Writing Project Units of Study - supplemented with Accelerate Education

    How will my child be graded?

    The teacher will utilize Accelerate Education to track student progress towards PA Core Standards 

    Teacher will track student progress towards PA Core Standards using both in-class and Accelerate Assessments

    If my child has an IEP, will they work with a special education teacher?

    Yes, depending on the IEP 

    Yes, depending on the IEP 

    If my child has accommodations as part of their IEP or 504, will they receive them?



    If my child has a GIEP, will they work with an ATP teacher?



    Will faculty and staff receive professional development to be ready to engage students during online instruction?



    Workbooks are provided in grades K-3 for Accelerate Education. Grades 4-6 will utilize editable PDFs and/or Google Docs.