Home-School Compact

  • The Owen J. Roberts District Community believes in “inspiring each student for success today and greatness tomorrow.” In order to achieve this mission, a strong home-school connection must be created and fostered for a lifetime. To ensure positive learning outcomes for all students, the following will be required:

    School Responsibilities

    ·         Provide researched-based curriculum and best practice for instruction in a supportive environment that enables the participating children to meet the States academic achievement standards  

    ·         Provide opportunities for family involvement and volunteering

    ·         Provide opportunities for parent/guardian training and support

    ·         Communicate regarding student’s academic growth at a minimum of 3 times per year

    ·         Provide communication regarding the professional providing instruction

    Home Responsibilities

    ·         Provide the environment and opportunities for students to reinforce/practice concepts being taught at school

    ·          Stay informed regarding your child’s school policies and activities

    ·         Serve at and attend school events, to the extent possible

    Student Responsibilities

    ·         Demonstrate personal responsibility for his/her own learning and academic growth

    ·         Record homework in planner and bring home necessary materials 


    Updated annually at the fall Title 1 Family Meeting

    Last update - 10/17/2023