Engagement Regulation

Engagement Regulation

  • It is the philosophy of the North Coventry Elementary Title I program to encourage active participation of parents and families of our students.  This regulation demonstrates that our school is committed to increasing, reinforcing, and fostering parent and family engagement by building a strong relationship between students, families, and our school members.

    Strategies for reaching family engagement goal:

    • Develop North Coventry Family Engagement Regulation with all stakeholders
    • Distribute Family Engagement Regulation at Title I parents' meeting, through Skyward, and on the Title I website
    • Inform families of the Family Engagement Regulation and their right to be involved and encourage family members to provide feedback
    • Provide district and state resources for families to assist and support their child’s academic achievement  
    • Provide newsletters and/or activities to keep families updated on current family engagement practices
    • Encourage family members to visit and volunteer in the building
    • Encourage family members to help plan and participate in Title I events
    • Document family participation through sign-in sheets or other appropriate ways throughout the school year
    • Include family input when making decisions about how to best meet the needs of Title I students and their families
    • Involve families through an annual survey to improve Title I effectiveness
    • Educate all staff in the value of family engagement
    • Inform family members that a Home - School compact was jointly developed
    • Inform family members that all materials can be made available in other languages
    • Provide information on how to use the EDM resources at home
    • Share student progress monitoring for enhanced family communication 

    Updated annually at the Fall NC Title I Family Meeting

    Last update - 10/13/2022