• Welcome to the Safety Patrol at East Coventry!  This year we will continue to work with AAA and the district transportation department to establish a solid program where our sixth grade students assist the bus drivers and school staff.  Patrol members may serve our school as bus safeties, hall monitors, or kindergarten safeties.  Students that meet the requirements participate in a brief training session before they begin their assignments. 


    East Coventry and the Owen J. Roberts School District take student safety very seriously.  A good school safety is always on the job.   They are leaders in our building and need to set an example for others with their actions.  A positive role model knows and practices the school and bus rules.  They are dependable and trustworthy.  They are respectful and avoid being bossy when reminding classmates of the rules.  Safeties have a responsibility to themselves, their peers, and the school to help keep our community safe.


    Patrol members are expected to be in good academic standing, model good behavior, and be responsible citizens.  If at any time, a safety violates a school or bus rule, s/he may not be allowed to participate in the School Safety program.  If the child is dismissed from the patrol, the student will need to return the belt and badge immediately and will not receive the Safety Certificate during our year-end awards ceremony.
    If you have any questions about the Safety Patrol program at East Coventry, you can contact Mr. Brad Lamison at BLamison@ojrsd.net.