Owen J. Roberts Odyssey of the Mind 2017/2018 Season


                Friday, October 27th, a creativity exam will be given to choose the students who will form this year’s Owen J. Roberts East Vincent, middle school and high school Odyssey of the Mind teams.  Odyssey of the Mind is a worldwide problem solving competition involving students as young as kindergarten up through the high school level.  The students from our district have proven themselves to be very competitive on all levels of competition by winning numerous regional competitions, multiple state titles, and several world championships since joining Odyssey 26 years ago.

                To qualify as a member of our problem solving teams, a student must complete an exam which measures his or her ability to think fluently, elaborate on her or her ideas, and create original ideas.  In addition, your child will be asked to list any special talents they might have, such as artistic or musical abilities, on the reverse side of the written examination.  Finally, your child’s current and former instructors will be interviewed to gather information regarding academic ability and work ethic of the student.  

               For East Vincent students, the exam will take place during the school day, 1:30 - 2:30 and is open to all interested fourth through sixth grade students.  

               For our middle and high school students, the test is open to all interested 6th through 12th grade Owen J. students.  

               As in the past, the financial burden of sending a student to state or world finals competition; transportation, hotel, and meals, lies with the guardian of the child.  This year's regional competition is Saturday, March 10th at Millersville University.  Winning teams moving on to the state finals competition will compete in Swiftwater, PA Saturday, April 7th.  State champions moving to world finals competition are scheduled to perform May 23rd through the 26th at Iowa State University.

               The Odyssey test will be held at East Vincent Elementary.  Drop off and pick up for middle and high school students is outside the gym lobby of the school.  Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the site.  The test begins approximately at 3:30 PM and ends about 4:30 PM. Students should bring at least two sharp pencils with them to the test.

              If you have any questions regarding the test or Odyssey feel free to contact me at East Vincent (610) 469-5106 or at cpalochak@ojrsd.com or Rose Vey at rvey@ojrsd.com.

    Information about Odyssey of the Mind can be found on the site www.odysseyofthemind.com




    Thank you,

    Chris Palochak