• Imagination is more important than knowledge.  - Albert Einstein

    Welcome to your Owen J. Roberts High School experience in Gifted Education!

    Our experience and tradition has shown that our Owen J. Roberts School District is an outstanding place to send your child.  Our high school experience prepares and sends many students to our country’s best colleges and universities and prepares all kids for their definition of success beyond our halls.  We consistently rank among our region’s best schools, public and private.  Our tradition of excellence continues to express itself in our graduates, upperclassmen and lowerclassmen; our community’s most prized and most important investments – our kids.

    A very important part of this experience for some of our students is their work as a student of Gifted Education.  Specifically, even though our high school has a highly motivated faculty who offer and teach a large and expanding array of highly challenging and engaging course offerings, on rare occasions, some students have required additional challenge beyond this curriculum.  If this is found to be the case, the Gifted Education program continues to carry these students upward.  There are two (2) aspects of Gifted Education, no matter where a student matriculates; acceleration and enrichment.

    Acceleration:  “to go faster”

    Our Regular Education curriculum has opportunity for extreme levels of academic rigor through numerous Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  At the high school level, these offerings accommodate most academic need.  On rare occasion when these offerings are exhausted, the Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP) can be utilized to provide additional academic acceleration.

    Enrichment: “to go deeper”

    The best opportunity for a student to learn more about that in which they are specifically interested is the elective, Gifted Seminar.  It is unlike any class they have ever taken.  It is a class of Honors-level weight and rigor in which students learn more about their topic(s) of choice.  They are coached through their project setup and execution – an “independent study” in which each student works hard to produce a product which clearly expresses their learning and new level of understanding.

    Our job as faculty is to inspire and propel our students.

    Our student’s job is to supply desire and share with us the direction they want to go.

    Our student's parent’s job is to share with us their compass so we may help edify the desires of their child’s educational journey.

    We Gifted Support Teachers employ this understanding as our mantra and ongoing practice.  The three of us - the student, the teachers and parents make a powerful and, as tradition has shown, very successful team.

    As always, contact us when you feel there is more you can share that will help us better help your son or daughter.