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    The Hour of Code Returns to East Vincent!
    For the fifth year in a row, all kindergarten through sixth grade East Vincent students will participate in the international Hour of Code initiative beginning on December 4th, 2017.  We're looking forward to joining students across the globe as we learn the importance and fun of learning to code.  So far, over 450 million students have taken part in the Hour of Code, and we are proud to be a part of this cutting edge group!  You can learn more about the Hour of Code here.
    2017 Hour of Code Learning Activities at East Vincent
    Download the complete 2017 East Vincent Hour of Code Activity Guide here (complete with grade level app links, QR codes, and more).
    Kindergarten and 1st Grade
    Our kindergarten and first grade students will be using the Kodable app on the iPads.  You can continue the learning at home by downloading the free app here.
    Grades 2, 3, and 4  
     Flappy Bird
    Students in second, third, and fourth grade will be using Code.org's developmentally appropriate programming language called Blockly. They will learn the basic concepts of Computer Science with drag and drop programming, as they solve game-like puzzles and complete self-directed tutorials starring video lectures by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and more. They'll learn repeat-loops, conditionals, and basic algorithms.  These students will get to choose one of three starting tutorials. 
    Star Wars HOC  
    In the first option, they will "Build a Galaxy with Code" through a tutorial that features Star Wars characters. Visit https://code.org/starwars to begin programming those droids! 
    Minecraft HOC
    Next, they can choose to code with Minecraft.  Visit https://hourcode.com/mc to use blocks of code to take Steve or Alex on an adventure through this Minecraft world.
    Finally, 2nd - 4th graders may opt to try the original Blockly tutorial which features Angry Birds and Zombies.  Go to https://hourofcode.com/code to join the fun!
    Anna and Elsa  
    Do you have students who are looking for an extra challenge and want to learn how to use mathematical thinking to code?   Have them try the Anna and Elsa challenge.  "They'll use code to join Anna and Elsa as they explore the magic and beauty of ice. They will create snowflakes and patterns as they ice-skate and make a winter wonderland that they can then share with their friends! (code.org)"
    5th and 6th Grade


    East Vincent's fifth and sixth graders will be taking their programming skills to the next level using Scratch.  They will work independently or in teams of up to three students to code their own computer-based interactive game.  Students may choose to enter the 2015 East Vincent Scratch Programming contest.  The team of judges will select the most creative, fun, and innovative game as the Programming Champion. 
    "Scratch is a free educational programming language that was developed by a group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with over 4 million registered users. (Scratch Wiki)" 
    You can join the fun at home here.
    Star Wars Java Script Our 5th and 6th graders may also choose to complete the Minecraft or Starwars tutorials (see above).  Students who want an extra challenge and have several years experience with the Hour of Code are encouraged to try the Star Wars tutorial in Java Script!
    Kick-off Coding Classes
    Unplugged Programming This year, our academic coach, Mrs. Sarkar, and our gifted support teacher, Miss Mitton, will be co-teaching a Kick-off Coding Class with the classroom teachers.  Some grades will be doing unplugged programming activities to further explore the world of computational thinking.  Other grades will be completed guided online programming activities in preparation for the 2015 Scratch Programming Contest.  Check back soon for more information!
    Daily Announcement and Knowledge Contests
    Each day during the Hour of Code, East Vincent students will read programming related PSAs during the morning announcements.  This will include a question of the day.  Students building-wide will be invited to enter their answers to the question by placing their slip of paper in the Code box in the main lobby.  Each day, one winner (selected at random from those who submit a correct answer) will be announced, and the clever student will receive a small reward.
    6th Grade Mentors
    Our sixth grade students will once again be mentoring in the younger classes.  Last year, they did an excellent job explaining the activities to the students, working side-by-side to lead younger learners through the problem solving process, and providing positive encouragement to all.  We are looking forward to their assistance again this year!