Nature Explorers Club

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    February 8th is the presentation to the 2nd grade students.  They will bring home information at that date if the student is interested in the program.  The Nature Club is for students who want to learn more about nature through fun and educational games, projects, and outdoor exploration. Club will be held at West Vincent Elementary School after school for 7 weeks beginning in March on Mondays.


    If your child is interested, and is able to attend all sessions of the Nature Club, please see the link below for the flyer/registration form. Complete the form and mail it with full payment to Green Valleys Watershed Association.  Please do not submit the form to the school office or teachers.


    Registrations are accepted by Green Valleys until spaces are filled, or by the deadline their deadline.  The Program starts Monday, March 6, 2017.


    Two Forms needed to submit for Nature Explorers Club:
    Brochure and Registration Form (to be coming soon)  to be mailed directly to Green Valley
    Permission to Stay After School Form  to be submitted to West Vincent Office
     dates for NC