Math 24 Tournament @ East Vincent
  • 2018 Math 24 Tournament Results

    Congratulations to all mathletes who participated in this year's Math 24 tournament on Wednesday, May 9th.  We always love to see the great sportsmanship, persistance, and problem solving of the East Vincent students, and you all rose to the challenge this year!

    We'd like to congratulate the following semi-finalists from the 4th - 5th grade tournament.Grades 4 - 5 Finalists

    • Zach Levin (gold medalist)
    • Lauren Hailey (silver medalist)
    • Lucas Moore (bronze medalist)
    • Clara Wilson (bronze medalist)
    • Sophia Shea
    • Anna Braun
    • Patrick Pomager
    • Danny Walker
    • Colin Meacham
    • Brooks Grant
    • Erin Bolger
    • Lucius Neely
    • Frankie Hartman
    • Chance Weaver
    • Luke Terlesky
    • Alex Arp

    In the sixth grade tournament, these students earned a spot in the semi-final round:Grade 6 Finalists

    • Anna Wilson (gold medalist)
    • Alex Braun (silver medalist)
    • Aman Pothakamury (bronze medalist)
    • Caleb Wagner (bronze medalist)
    • Mackenzie Gorman
    • Daniel Epps
    • Ava Zepp
    • Casey Davies
    • Evan McLaughlin
    • Evan Barnhart
    • Ashlyn Kenney
    • Christian Carroll
    • Matt Jennings
    • Samy Koury
    • Brooke Cano
    • Max Tamburro 

    On May 31st, Anna Wilson, Alex Braun, Zach Levin, and Lauren Hailey will represent our school at the Chester County Math 24 Tournament.  We wish you all great luck and speedy problem solving!



  • East Vincent is excited to host our 5th annual Math 24 Tournament for students in grades 4 - 6.  Over 120 students signed up for last year's tournament -- we can't wait to see who signs up this year.  If you are interested in participating, please see your math teacher.  
    All students who sign up will compete in rounds 1 and 2.  Then, the sixteen students with the highest score totals from the first two rounds will advance to the semi-final round.  Finally, four students from the semi-finals will advance to the final round, where we will determine the overall first and second place winners.


    Chester County Math 24
    This year, we will be able to send the first and second place winners from both the grade 4/5 tournament and the grade 6 tournament to the Chester County Math 24 tournament.  From there, three students will be selected to participate in the Pennsylvania State Math 24 Championship Tournament!



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  • 2016 Math 24 Tournament
    Fourth & Fifth Grade Tournament Results

    4th and 5th Grade FInalists On Thursday, April 29th, 2016, we held the East Vincent 4th - 5th grade math 24 tournament and 16 of our students advanced to the semi-finalist round (listed below).  Out of these semi-finalists, four students advanced to the final four.  Congratulations to Reilly Koitzsch, Marie Tokay, silver medalist Anna Wilson, and gold medalist Tyler Rossi.  We are able to send the top three students to the county competition on May 13 at the CCIU.  Good luck to Marie, Anna, and Tyler!

    ALL of our participating Mathletes showed incredible focus, courage, and mathematical skill.  Well done, East Vincent students!

    Additional Semi-Finalists:Semi-Finalists

    • Evan Finger
    • Erin Harken
    • Aman Pothakamury
    • Andrew Blackledge
    • Owen Kuss
    • Andrew MocGonigle
    • Ben Hailey
    • Alex Braun
    • Ryan Weaver
    • Steven Swierczek
    • Ryan McCullough
    • Ava Zepp
    Mathletes in Action 2016  
    Sixth Grade Tournament Results

    2016 Sixth Grade Finalists On Thursday, April 28, 2016, we held the East Vincent 6th grade math 24 tournament and 16 of our students advanced to the semi-finalist round (listed below).  Out of these semi-finalists, four students advanced to the final four.  Congratulations to Aidan Zepp and Kira Chinici, as well as our silver medalist Charlotte Camp and our gold medalist Ethan Farkouh.  We are able to send three students to the county competition on May 13 at the CCIU.  Good luck to Kira, Charlotte, and Ethan!

    We’d like to additionally congratulate ALL of the sixth graders who entered the tournament.  The level of sportsmanship was superb.  Their problem solving and processing skills were truly phenomenal.  It was great to see how much all of the students have grown since last year’s tournament.  Great job, Mathletes!


    2016 6th Grade Semi-Finalists Additional Semi-Finalists:

    • Mack Grant
    • Vijay Sivan
    • Aidan Zottola
    • Alystair Hemberger
    • Gracyn Smith
    • Connor Heft
    • Charlie Kullen
    • Lauren Razewski
    • Cole Swierczek
    • Danny Flogaus
    • Will Cano
    • Morgan Weaver


    6th Grade Math 24 Tournament 2016  
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    Types of Challenges  
  • 2015 Math 24 Finalists

    2015 Results
    On Friday, April 10, 2015, sixty-seven fourth and fifth grade students participated in the first annual East Vincent Math 24 Tournament.  It was truly a wonderful day full of math enthusiasm, risk taking, and pattern discovery.  It was amazing to hear the students sharing multiple ways to solve the cards.  They were celebrating how differently their brains process the challenges, learning strategies from one another, and celebrating one anothers’ successes as they occurred.  The positive sportsmanship among the students was phenomenal!

    Sixteen of the students earned a spot in round three, the semi-finals.  The speed with which they found solutions was astounding!  From there, 4 students moved on to the final match, and an additional 4 students participated in the alternate finals.  The four finalists have qualified to advance to the County Competition on May 1, 2015 at the Chester County Intermediate Unit.  Please join us in congratulating the following East Vincent Mathematicians!


    Finalists – advancing to the Chester County Competition
    ~Ethan Farkouh (first place)
    ~Charlie Kullen (second place)
    ~Aidan Zepp (third place)
    ~Kira Chinici (fourth place)

    ~Lauren Razewski
    ~Aaron Kirby
    ~Andrew Blackledge
    ~Aidan Zottola

     The Top 16

    Additional Semi-finalists:
    ~Alyssa Greiner
    ~Grayson Kurth
    ~Tyler Rossi
    ~Morgan Weaver
    ~Ben Hailey
    ~Gracyn Smith
    ~Kaylie Ormerod
    ~Charlotte Camp

    A special thank you goes out to all the teachers, volunteers, and administrators who helped proctor the event.  Additionally, our sixth grade leaders did a fantastic job serving as time keepers, role models, and encouragers.  They also created a video tutorial for the students in preparation for the event.  We could not have hosted today’s tournament without them!

    What an awesome day!