• As previously publicized, a study was initiated in an effort to plan for equity and maximize student learning in each of the five Owen J. Roberts elementary schools. The Owen J. Roberts Redistricting Committee was established comprised of approximately thirty parents, teachers, and administrators. The working committee met for the first time on April 29, 2015, and five times after that date. They made an initial review of enrollment projections and discussed the current process and history of district data collection. They learned critical factors which affect enrollment and reviewed a three-year history to identify trends which may impact future projections. They also reviewed large scale developments which are either underway or planned in the district’s seven townships.The work of the committee included study of transportation issues and a review of special education programming in regards to classroom size and needs.
    The committee worked cooperatively to construct a list of guiding principles in hopes of affecting the fewest number of families while achieving equity in Owen J. Roberts' Elementary Schools for a sustainable period of time.
    A presentation was made to the Board of School Directors at the November 16, 2015, Regular Business Meeting. Read Dr. Christian's letter about that presentation here.
    A presentation was made to the Board of School Directors at the January 11, 2016 Committee of the Whole Meeting.  Read Dr. Christian's letter about that presentation here
    The Board of School Directors approved the Redistricting Plan at their February 1, 2016 Regular School Board meeting.  The Redistricting Plan presentation can be found here.

    If you have questions regarding the redistricting plan please click here.

Last Modified on March 7, 2016