• East Vincent K Kids


    Who are WE?

    Fourth-Sixth Grade students

    Community and School Leaders

    Positive and Kind People


    What do we DO?

    We encourage loyalty to school, community, and nation

    We work together during service projects

    We develop leadership


    How can I JOIN?

    Contact our Teacher Leaders!

    Miss Hoff- mhoff@ojrsd.com

    Miss Taglieri- ataglieri@ojrsd.com

    Miss DeCesare- vdecesare@ojrsd.com


    2017-2018 Meeting Dates

    Wednesday, October 4th

    Wednesday, November 1th

    Wednesday, December 6nd

    Wednesday, January 3th

    Wednesday, February 7rd

    Wednesday, March 7th

    Wednesday, April 4th

    Wednesday, May 2th

    Wednesday, June 6th

    TBD- K Kids family dinner