• East Vincent Science Fair

    Student projects are due on January 8.

    Digital/electronic projects can be sumbitted here:

    Submit Projects Here


    Project review and student interviews will take place during the school day on Thursday, January 17. Projects chosen to advance to the Chester County Science Fair will be announced later that week.






    Guide to Science Research Project


    This information packet includes LOTS of information about completing every step of the project.


    ***Check with your teacher or science fair coordinator for the specific dates for your school.


    Getting Started

    Use this organizer to help develop your idea into a testable question.

    Project Idea Organizer



    NASA scientists tell how they generate ideas for experiments.



    Use the links below to get ideas for a research topic. Remember, it should be a topic you are interested in as you will be working on this project for several weeks. Use the project ideas on these sites to generate your own orginal idea. 









    The Paperwork

    --> Before you begin to work on your project, it must be approved by your science teacher or the science fair coordinators. Complete the project Pre-Approval Form and wait for approval before moving forward with completing the official forms.



    My project is pre-approved…now what do I do?

    Create a Research Plan which includes the following:

    • Question
    • Purpose/Rationale
    • Hypothesis - a prediction as to what you think the outcome of your experiment will be – usually written as an “if...then…because” statement. Research information about your project and any related topics that will help you make an informed hypothesis.
    • Variables: Independent, Dependent, Controlled - Determine what you need to control during the experiment, what will be changing, and what will be measured – these are the variables.
    • Materials List - list of materials and the quantities of each item needed
    • Procedures - a detailed, numbered list of steps how to perform your experiment.
    • Bibliography - You can use this website to help format the list of sources you used. http://www.easybib.com/

    Complete official science fair forms.


    Research Plan and Official Forms MUST be completed and approved BEFORE any experimentation.


    Official Science Fair Forms  

    1A - Student Checklist

    1B - Approval Form

    1 - Checklist Adult Sponser



    3 - Risk Assessment

    4 - Human Particippants

    4 - Sample Informed Consent



    ***A copy of your Research Plan must be included with your official forms.***

    Special forms may be needed depending on the type of project. 
    If you are not sure if you need a special form, please ask the science fair coordinators.



    Place return completed forms to Mrs. Barlow  by November 16.


    Here’s a great site to make graphs and charts of the data you collect