• January 2018


    Dear East Vincent Family,


    As an invested partner in your children’s learning, I want to share some information about a change to the Fountas and Pinnell (F&P) Assessment that our school district will be making in the coming months. As you may already be aware, we use the F&P to identify specific reading strengths and appropriate reading levels for small-group instruction.  We will be making a switch to the latest F&P Assessment (third edition).  This new edition brings with it positive changes to how we measure comprehension and is more aligned with our reading curriculum. 


    With the change in how we measure comprehension, we may also see a change in the reading level identified for planning small-group comprehension instruction.  Specifically, we anticipate some reading levels may change one to two levels lower from previous editions of the F&P.  Rest assured, if your child’s reading level drops, it is not an indication of a change in reading ability, rather the change in measure for comprehension, which will provide a rich source of information to inform our teaching. 


    We have carefully planned for the transition of assessments with the faculty so that all students will have the new assessment by May of 2018.  Any changes or updates to your child’s reading performance will be communicated to you by the classroom teacher, who already has great insight on your child as a reader.  There will be additional opportunities for you to learn more about this change, including PTA meetings and March parent/teacher conferences. In the meantime, your child will continue to read a wide variety of book levels across the day through read-aloud, shared reading, partner reading, book clubs, and independent reading.


    I invite you to ask any questions that arise throughout the school year and look forward to upcoming parent/teacher conferences so that you can discuss literacy progress with your child’s teacher.  In the meantime, here are some ways you can continue to support your child’s literacy learning at home:



    1. Encourage your child to select books that interest and excite him or her.
    2. Ensure that your child experience reading that is fun, fast, and easy.
    3. Read books to or with your child and talk about them together.
    4. Listen to your child read books and talk about them together.
    5. Most importantly, enjoy your time together reading, writing, and talking!



    In partnership,

    Ms. Christine M. Seeley

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    Inspiring each student for success today and greatness tomorrow.



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