• Odyssey Testing for the 2020/2021 Season

           Attention all prospective Odyssey team members

    This year’s Odyssey of the Mind testing will occur virtually.  A Google Classroom has been created to accommodate the testing.  The code for joining the class is: j44vmxq    

    To test for a position on our team you will need to first join the aforementioned Google Classroom.  On the day and time of the test, shown below, log into the Google Meet link provided on the homepage of the Odyssey Google Classroom.  Make sure to log in one the day and time below.

    • Testing will take place Tuesday, December 8th from 3:45 to 4:45

    As would be done if we were testing live, the exam will be proctored by the coach, Mr. Palochak.  Tests must be completed within the time limits of the test meeting.

    The current plan for our season is to begin practice sessions virtually after the roster has been set.  The decision to compete live or virtually will be in the hands of the school district and Odyssey of the Mind staff.  If conditions favor a live performance, we will perform live.  If conditions call for a virtual performance, we will prepare to perform virtually.

    As in the past, the financial burden of sending a student to the state and world finals, transportation, meals, hotel, and world finals registration lies with the guardian of that child.  Fundraising is an option to offset any of these costs.

    Let me know if you have any questions about the program or testing.


    Christopher Palochak