• Every OJRHS student will document their attendance via Canvas on days they are attending school virtually, including:


    • Cyber Academy students on all school days.
    • Students attending remotely through October 9th.
    • Blended Learning students on their remote learning days (when Blended Learning begins on October 12th).
    • Every Wednesday (all students).


    Students are encouraged to attend each course synchronously via Google Meet but have the option to attend asynchronously by watching recorded lessons posted on Canvas by 3 PM each day. Presence in Google Meets will not count for daily attendance.


    Whenever students are present in the building, existing in-school attendance procedures remain the same. 


    • If/when a student is attending virtually but is not well enough to respond to the attendance quiz, a parent/guardian should call the Attendance Hotline (610-469-5688). These will be excused absences. Failure to contact attendance will result in an unexcused absence. 


    How to complete your attendance quiz:  


    • By 7:30 AM your first period teacher will post a question in the form of a quiz on their Canvas page.  You will find the attendance quiz on the Calendar, on the class home page, and on your “To Do” list.  This is how your 1st period teacher is taking attendance!  Your teacher will help you post your attendance on the first day of school.  


    • The deadline to answer the question is noon.  If you do not complete the attendance quiz by this time you will be marked absent for the day.  Do not email your teacher after 12:00, they cannot change your attendance. 


    • If your first period class is a study hall, Physical Education class, or any other course that does not meet every day, make sure you are logging into the correct Canvas page.  You will need to look at your schedule on Skyward to see the section number.


    • Students without an actual class 1st period (including those with AM Privilege, AM TCHS, AM Teacher Academy, and AM Allied Health) will indicate their attendance by responding to the daily quiz on this course’s Canvas page. Mrs. Braun will monitor attendance for these classes.


    • Part-time BVA students who do not have a first period class will have a “BVA Attendance”, class scheduled first period. They will indicate their attendance by responding to the daily quiz in the Canvas page for this course. Mrs. Braun will monitor attendance for these classes.



    • Click here to watch a video about the process.