• Welcome to the Yellow Team!  The supplies that all students need for our math class are really simple. 
    - composition book (for warm-ups, notes, and homework)
    - folder OR a section in a binder (for handouts)
    - scientific calculator (TI-30XIIS is an excellent model)
    - pencils (pens are NOT allowed in math class)
    I do not hand out textbooks as the majority of what we do will be done with handouts and notes.  Students will have online textbook access.  If students or parents would like a hard copy of the textbook, please let me know.  All homework assignments and test schedules will be posted on Google Classroom on a daily basis.  I will make sure that students are set up with Google Classroom within the first week of school. 
    If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  I look forward to a great year together!
    Mrs. Harvey
Mrs. Angelee Harvey