• Congratulations and welcome to Latin! As the Grail Knight said to Indiana Jones, "You have chosen wisely."
    Among the treasures you will discover during this year's quest are a bigger English vocabulary, a greater command of English grammar and a solid foundation for learning any modern language. As you dig deeper, you will uncover knowledge that will help you with literature, social studies and even science and math. In fact, Latin students score up to 200 points higher on both verbal and math SAT's.
    All school rules will apply on our voyage to the ancient world, and I also require that you:
    1) Be on time;
    2) Be prepared;
    3) Be courteous;
    4) Participate.
    Repeated or egregious infractions of these rules will result in appropriate consequences.
    Grades will be based on:
    1) Tests and major projects = 60%;
    2) Quizzes = 10%;
    3) Classwork = 10%;
    4) Homework = 10%;
    5) Class Participation = 10%.
    Homework is due at the start of the class it is assigned for. Late assignments without an acceptable excuse will receive reduced credit.
    Our adventure begins today! BONA FORTUNA!
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    We're only starting this page today, but please check back frequently as we add announcements and assignments and other comments and information of interest and importance.
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