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  • Welcome to Honors Chemistry and CP Chemistry at Owen J. Roberts High School. Chemistry is an exciting and challenging branch of the physical sciences. In today's world, chemistry is extremely important; it is the "central science." It is a rigorous subject that builds upon itself, therefore, it is extremely important that students entering a chemistry classroom learn and master the content and skills as the year progresses. 
    While each class will have some information posted on the district's Canvas website, students may access additional materials through their class's quia website. NOTE: it is through the quia website students will take their on-line assessments. This web page will contain most of their information. Copy link and paste into ADDRESS bar.
     Period One Honors Chemsitry Class 01        
    Period Two Honors Chemistry Class 02   
    Period Three CP Chemistry Class 03          
    Period Five CP Chemistry Class 05              
    Period Six Honors Chemistry Class 03 
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  • While chemistry is an exciting field of science, the chemistry laboratory brings with it inherent hazards. Therefore, the laboratory experience must be approached in a mature, responsible manner in which all laboratory safety rules are followed. Students must be properly attired in order to work in the laboratory. Failure to follow the proper safety rules may result in dismissal from the laboratory and grades of zeros. Students should always read their laboratories in advance and pay particular attention to the hazards of each laboratory.

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  • Both the Honors Chemistry and CP Chemistry classes will be utilizing computer assessments throughout the year. Some of these assessments may be taken "in class," however, some may be assigned to run throughout a given day for students to take at their convenience. It is the student's responsibility to make sure they take any and all computer assessments sometime during the day. Most assessments are in fact short, ten to fifteen minutes at the most. Therefore, if students fail to have a solid, reliable computer and internet system at home, it is strongly recommended they find time to take their assessments on one of the school's computers. Student accessible computers may be found in some classrooms, the library, or an open computer laboratory. And, as of this year, many students will be issued a chrome book.

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  • Students are expected to bring a notebook (or paper), a writing utensil, and their COVERED textbooks to class. In addition, students should have their homework completed and should have spent time studying their materials. Mastery of content and skills requires time spent beyond doing homework. Students need to recognize that chemistry is challenging and will require a DAILY commitment to studying, preparation, and mastery. It is expected that students take notes during class utilizing the Cornell Method of note taking.

    Again, students are to come properly attired on laboratory days.

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