• There is a total of 372 bus routes...
    Transportation is provided to approximately 2,927 assigned stops, logging over 8,140 miles daily, 1,465,000 miles per school year. The District contracts with Gross School Bus Service for 88 busses transporting resident school students to and from the District's seven public schools and 68 private and parochial schools of which 66 are outside the District's borders.

    Kindergarten students are provided with one way transportation only. Noon transportation is not provided. It is mandatory for kindergarten students to be accompanied to and met at the bus stop. If a parent/guardian or older sibling is not present, the student will be retained on the bus and either returned to their school building to wait for their parent's arrival or the parent contacted depending on the location of the school.

    Students eligible for transportation may be required to walk up to 1-1/2 miles (elementary) or 2 miles (secondary) to their assigned bus stop; and, up to five hundred feet (500) on a roadway that has been designated “hazardous” by PennDOT, Title 67, Chap. 447, Para. 447.3(d). In accordance with District policy bus stops are usually no more than four stops per mile but not less than 500 feet apart. The administration shall endeavor to minimize walking distances and riding time whenever practical and feasible.

    Safety is the primary concern of the District’s Transportation Department. All school buses used in the transportation of our children conform to the most rigid safety standards prescribed by the school bus industry. Every year each school bus used in transporting school students is subject to two (2) official PA State Inspections. In addition, the Pennsylvania State Police conduct one scheduled inspection of all buses each year, and periodically perform surprise inspections. Additionally, each driver is required to visually inspect his or her bus and to complete a “safety pre-trip inspection” prior to the start of each trip.