Inspiring Excellence. Inspired Students.

Inspiring Excellence. Inspired Students.

Important Science Fair Dates 

December 21st-All experiments should be completed-This is a recommendation from the district so that way the science experiment does not take up your holiday break.  If you prefer to do it over the break, that is ok!


January 23rd- All Science Fair boards are due!  Please use the Science Rocks packet that your child received to help you to organize their board and it also has the judging rubric in it so you know how the projects will be judged.


January 25-Science Fair-This will be the day that the boards will be judged and that the children will be called down for an interview about their project.  Parents and children will be invited back that evening between 6-7:30 to collect their boards and view the other boards.  In the evening, they will learn if their project will move on to the Chester County Science Fair.


January 26th-Snow date for the Science Fair


French Creek Science Fair
January 25th, 2017
Snow Date- January 26th, 2017
Science Fair Information Meeting- October 5th at 6:30 at t he Middle School
Initial Parent Email Sent out to Parents with Science Fair InformationEmail about Science Fair-Sent on September 26th 

Important Papers
Research Plan-Must be typed and turned in no later than November 7th.Research Plan
Science Rocks Packet- Use as a guideline when completing your science fair project.  Do not start until you receive the Green slip.  Science Fair Packet
Science Fair Presentation-used to introduce the science fair to all students in grades 4-6  Science Fair Presentation
Intel ISEF Rules and Guidelines-INTEL Rules
Required forms for all Science Fair Participants- Please complete all highlighted parts- Due on November 7th with Research Plan
Checklist for Adult Sponsor-complete all highlighted parts Checklist for Adult Sponsor
Student Checklist- Complete all highlighted parts Student Checklist
Approval Form- Complete all highlighted parts Approval Form
Forms Required only if you are using human participants-Please complete all highlighted parts- Due on 7th with Research Plan
Human Informed Consent-Required for all human participants-If you are using children under the age of 18, it required parental consent Human informed consent
Human Participants Form- Complete all the highlighted parts. Human Participants Form