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    Students and Parents,

    On Monday, September 24th,  the students and staff at OJRHS will be participating in our first ever Community Day.  This is an exciting program that is focused on building a stronger community.  This year’s theme is “I’ve Got Your Back!”  There will be no regular classes that day as the entire student body participates in this program. 

     The day will consist of:

      • Dozens of break-out session topics for students to choose from that will focus on physical and emotional health and wellness topics, such as social learning differences, social media usage, facts about drug use and vaping, school safety, exercise, support for mental illnesses, and many more.
      • A presentation by international speaker Preston Centuolo.  Mr. Centuolo is a dynamically engaging communicator who naturally speaks right to the heart of youth, helping them see beyond pressing obstacles to seize their own unique purpose. For over two decades, Preston has tirelessly shared his inspiring story with young people around the world. His words resonate with youth struggling to find balance in an increasingly chaotic, high pressure, information-overload age. A masterful storyteller, Preston’s message offers a fresh outlook, helping youth find renewed hope and direction in spite of pressing circumstances. He expertly addresses common issues facing youth and demystifies confusing, mixed messages that come from all directions in today’s technological era.
      • Learning about ‘Developmental Assets’ and how they can be used to improve your potential for happiness and success.
      • Opportunities to meet, get to know, and share laughs with new peers through a number of fun and engaging activities.
    • Parents, students, and community members are invited to an evening session at 6:30pm in the OJRHS Auditorium.  This session will include a 45 minute presentation by Preston Centuolo and a viewing of the 90 minute documentary, Suicide:  The Ripple Effect, by Kevin Hines.  Don’t miss this very important and impactful presentation!  No pre-registration is necessary for the evening event.  Suicide: The Ripple Effect Movie Trailer


     All students should log into their OJR email account during the week of September 3rd to learn more about the day and register for breakout sessions that will be held during the school day.  Signups must be completed by Monday, September 10th!   To view a description of the breakout session topics, click here.