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OJR Ed Foundation Staff Tribute Program

The OJR Education Foundation’s STAFF TRIBUTE PROGRAM is an opportunity to recognize a special staff member in your child’s life. You can make a donation in honor of a teacher, aide, coach/advisor/director, nurse, secretary, principal – anyone who has had a positive impact on your child and family. Just click HERE to honor someone special! Be sure to enter the name of the person to whom the gift should be dedicated.


Congratulations to the following AMAZING North Coventry Teachers and Staff members for receiving this honor. NC students are so lucky to have you here!


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(Top Row: Mrs. Emily O'Connell/Grade 2, Miss. Lucy Ruzzini/Grade 1, Mrs. Shaina Dolph/Grade 4, and Miss. Lucy Ruzzini/Grade 1.

Middle Row: Miss. Kristen Kain/Grade 1, Ms. Ashley Sergas/Grade 3, Mrs. Kaitlin Sack/Grade 2, Mrs. Chris Ficca/Secretary, and Miss. Sydney Place/Kindergarten.

Bottom Row: Mrs. Heather Reynolds/Kindergarten and Miss. Shannon Brown/Grade 2)