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Owen J. Roberts School District invites public input in regards to shaping the future. The district is in the process of gathering information through a feasibility study which will analyze and explore various ideas to accommodate future enrollment, utilize resources, assure safe learning environments, and provide for quality educational practice. An important part of this process is to listen to input from all stakeholders.

Please take the survey by clicking the link below:

Owen J. Roberts Board of School Directors has approved Marotta Main Architects to lead the study. A steering committee made up of school board members, school personnel, township supervisors, parents and other residents will begin the process of gathering and sorting community input. The team is not starting with preconceived notions except to recognize all possibilities to conserve physical, financial, and human resources. The study should reflect ideas for a long-term plan that will result in creative use of facilities that make sense for the community and provide for the safety and educational needs of students.

The steering committee hopes to draw feedback from as many residents, businesses and community-based organizations as possible. A Community Input Forum was held on November 1 with about 85 participants. All community members are invited to provide feedback and offer ideas by taking the survey at the link above or by sending direct email to

The survey will remain open until December 31, 2018.

More information about the study may be found at Feasibility Study 2018-19