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Highlight Your Career


The Owen J. Roberts School District continually seeks opportunities to work with individuals, businesses, and industry and community leaders to develop educational opportunities for our students. 

We welcome your interest in partnering with us to bring a broader sense of career awareness from within our region of Pennsylvania to the students and families of our district. 

The curriculum department of Owen J. Roberts will host several family events during this school year for families to attend together in learning about various career opportunities held by members within our community. 

Please contact us if you are willing to share facts and skills associated with your career in a moderated-panel setting.   We anticipate these seminars will highlight three career areas at each event followed by audience Q & A within a 60 to 90 minute window.


If you would like to volunteer as one of our panel guests,  or are interested in more information about these seminars,  please contact Heidi Lehmann at either 610 469-5169  or email

Thank you for supporting our learning community!

The Owen J. Roberts Curriculum Department

Heidi  Lehmann,  Science & Technology   
Dennis Fletcher,   Mathematics            
Ryan Monaghan,  English/Lang Arts   
Kathryn Soeder,   Assistant Superintendent

Missy Walton,      Administrative Assistant