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Listening Session Themes

Dear OJRSD Families and Staff,

Between October and December 2021, the OJRSD held 16 Listening Sessions for parents and community members to gather stakeholder feedback to help identify our goals and priorities as part of our comprehensive planning for the 2022-23 school year. The OJRSD comprehensive plan will be a 3-6-year plan that will drive our District mission and objectives. Your input during these sessions was invaluable as we move forward and create outstanding educational opportunities for all of our students.  

During the listening sessions the administration reviewed the District goals with the participants and asked the following open-ended questions to elicit stakeholder feedback:

  1. What are your greatest hopes for students in the OJRSD?
  2. What are your greatest fears for students in the OJRSD?
  3. Does your student feel like they belong and are accepted in the OJRSD?
  4. Are there barriers students are experiencing in the OJRSD?
  5. What are the key needs and priorities of OJRSD moving forward?

Below is a list of identified themes that emerged and were common among the listening sessions. The themes, along with supporting statements that expand upon the theme, are also posted on our District website under "Headlines." 

  1. Provide a well-rounded education that will prepare students for the future 
  2. Provide support and resources for mental and social emotional health
  3. Promote competitive academics
  4. Open and honest communication, visibility, and transparency
  5. Create positive environment and school culture of respect and belonging
  6. Establish heightened safety and discipline measures for staff and students
  7. Promote equity, diversity, and accessibility for all
  8. Unify staff, students, parents, and community and build district pride and morale
  9. Demonstrate responsibility through finances and resources

The OJRSD Board and administration will review these themes from the listening sessions and take them into consideration in the development of the comprehensive plan and when determining district goals in the future.  

I want to thank you all again for your support and partnership in our students’ education. I look forward to moving OJRSD forward together as a district and a community. 


Will Stout