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OJR Honored for Outstanding Business Operations

Owen J. Roberts School District was recognized by the Association of School Business Officials International with a pair of prestigious awards for outstanding business office operations and the management of fiscal affairs.

The district’s Chief Financial Officer Jaclin Krumrine, along with Beth Polinski and Susan Chambers, received ASBO’s Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting. Owen J. Roberts is one of only 11 districts in Pennsylvania to be honored by ASBO International with a Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting.

ASBO also recognized Owen J. Roberts with a Meritorious Budget Award. The Meritorious Budget Award is awarded to school districts that are mindful of budget presentation guidelines and have successfully developed an effective and accessible budget document. The district was one of six districts in the commonwealth to receive the Meritorious Budget Award. These awards were based on documents with the fiscal year ending in 2021.

Pictured (From left to right): Beth Polinski, Jaclin Krumrine and Susan Chambers, from Owen J. Roberts School District’s business office displaying their ASBO award.